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Updated On:27/02/2021
Limited Tenders

Limited Tenders
Tenders/Enquiries Corrigendum
  • Outsourcing of Security Service Contract for 06 N
  • Fabrication & Erection of crossovers and worki
  • Hiring of Accounting Advisory Services for a perio
  • Procurement of services for Internet Leased Line (
  • Providing special mail service on as and when requ
  • Necessary repair and renovation of boundary wall a
  • Necessary Repair and renovation work at Chell, Ghi
  • Extension of Flow laboratory of Instrumentation De
  • Construction of 2 nos. of watch towers at Material
  • Replacement of damaged CGI sheet and other necessa
  • Replacement of damaged CGI/asbestos sheet roof wit
  • Re-tarfelting work to arrest roof leakage in Indus
  • Repairing of Damaged drain at PS-6 Bongaigoan.
  • Necessary repair and renovation of boundary wall a
  • Necessary repair and renovation work at Uttarayan
  • Necessary repair and renovation of boundary wall a
  • Retarfelting works at Quarters & Bunglows and
  • Construction of BOP Test Stump, RCC Flooring, cons
  • Repair and replacement of damaged roof & ceili
  • Refixing of chequred plate with angle framming inc
  • Notification :: DCC4728L21,DCC4729L21,DCC4730L21DCC4729L21
  • Notification :: CDC5538L21 CDC5539L21 CDC5540L21CDC5537L21
  • Lottery Notification :: CDC5341L21 CDC5474L21CDC5338L21
  • Notice:CDC5335L21CDC5337L21CDC5339L21CDC5340L21CDC5333L21
  • Lottery:CDC5335L21 CDC5337L21 CDC5339L21 CDC5340L2CDC5333L21
  • Lottery Notification :: CDC4746L21 CDC4756L21CDC4743L21